eBM 36

Battery Management System
State-of-the-art Battery Management System

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FPT Industrial’s commitment to high-performance and reliable electrification solutions for transport is rounded off by a state-of-the-art Battery Management System, customized to achieve the longest battery life for individual mission requirements, thanks to the acquisition of Potenza Technology. This outstanding British company is at the forefront of electric powertrain technologies, with a consolidated and diverse set of skills in functional safety engineering, battery management systems for traction accumulators, and the design and development of electrical and electronic systems. 

The BMS solution resulting from the partnership between FPT Industrial and Potenza Technology is highly flexible for different energy storage solutions, allowing for a considerable reduction in development times, while guaranteeing customized software solutions without compromising ASIL integrity levels.

Customized Battery Management System for the longest battery life based on individual mission requirements.

Internal know-how for the design of customized solutions and reductions in development time and costs.

BMS components: the Subpack Battery Management System is the control unit built on single processor architecture with lockstep to achieve ASIL C integrity level.

BMS components: the Cell Monitor Circuit is connected to cells, placed close to battery for achieving short sensor wire length and increase the accuracy.

The eBM 36 model