Alternative Propulsions


Thanks to its experience, know-how and advanced R&D centers, FPT Industrial is developing alternative and sustainable powertrain solutions to meet its customers’ current and future business needs pursuing the decarbonization goal, leading the way in the energy transition and reducing global emissions.

Being at the forefront of the sustainable engines sector, FPT Industrial adopts a practical yet future-oriented multi-power approach. This means that the Brand is focusing on alternative propulsion research and application of natural gas, biomethane, greener diesel, electric, and hydrogen fuel cells, as well as hybrid solutions.

How to accomplish the significant mission of zero emissions? FPT Industrial is focusing on innovative engine solutions designing alternative powertrain for on-road, off-road, marine and power generation segments, with power output from 55 up to 735 kW.

Natural gas is one of the most eco-friendly fuels for internal combustion engines. It improves air quality significantly, reducing pollutants; it mitigates global warming by significantly reducing CO2 and other greenhouse gas emissions, and it also lowers acoustic pollution by reducing engine noise: a bio-gas-powered vehicle eliminates emissions while providing incredibly effective noise reduction.
The methane-powered solutions represent an effective fuel alternative for sustainability purposes: these eco-benefits come together with a competitive TCO – thanks to the proven reliability and fuel economy of our stoichiometric technology.
Our natural gas engines can deliver the same torque output, and therefore the same performance, as diesel. FPT Industrial offers today the widest natural gas engine range in the on-road and off-road markets, offering solutions from 136 to 460 hp for light, medium, and heavy vehicles in the on-road segment, and from 55 to 172 kW for off-road machinery.
The F1, F28, NEF and Cursor engines can be fueled by natural gas in its compressed (CNG) and liquefied (LNG) forms.
All our engines can run on biomethane, a renewable and carbon neutral fuel that reduces net CO2 emissions to zero and is one of the best powertrain alternatives to diesel fuel.

CO2 emissions target reached through green hydrogen? Iveco Group has been working on fuel cell technology for many years. In 2001 IVECO Bus presented a hydrogen-fueled city bus, while in 2009 New Holland Agriculture introduced the NH2, the world’s first fuel cell tractor.
Capitalizing on this advanced research, in 2018 FPT Industrial designed and tested a fuel cell powertrain concept for zero-emission long-haul transport, where operational range is the main requirement.
It is in this very field of application that the brand is main partner, together with IVECO, of the H2HAUL project, aiming to design, manufacture, and test sixteen long-haul fuel cell trucks, and to build six new hydrogen refueling stations along some of Europe’s main transport routes. The five-year project, started in 2019, is co-financed by FCH-JU (Fuel Cells and Hydrogen – Joint Undertaking) within the EU research and innovation Horizon 2020 program.

FPT Industrial is well on the road to electrification in each application and each area of its wide footprint. The Turin site will be FPT Industrial’s Electrification Production Center, featuring different and dedicated assembly lines for each new eDriveline product, starting with the heavy-duty integrated electric axle for the Nikola Tre truck, a joint venture with IVECO with production site in Ulm (Germany).
Thanks to the acquisition of Potenza, a company specialized in Battery Management Systems, FPT Industrial is able to develop systems that will have a positive impact on battery life, performance and safety parameters.
FPT’s eDriveline portfolio for electric propulsion includes Central Drive and eAxles for applications from sport cars to heavy duty trucks, and battery storage solutions for light vehicles and buses. Thanks to its proven know-how, FPT is developing new solutions for all requirements in every application.
Indeed, in 2019 the brand provided the engine and the electric motors for the innovative hybrid-drive STEYR Konzept tractor, that can both operate in full-electric mode and use electrical attachments: a multi-power solution that can ensure sustainability through no carbon emissions. Whether for farmers or local authorities, the tractor is the ideal fit for environmentally sensitive areas, such as in urban environments, when working near residential areas, in stables or greenhouses.
FPT’s electric know-how has also helped develop new disruptive solutions for innovative hybrid projects in the marine and power generator sectors, such as the ones showcased at CES 2022.
The ability to offer different electrified solutions will help improve productivity, significantly reducing carbon footprints in all applications.


FPT Industrial has innovation in its DNA and has always been a pioneer of new solutions. Below is a timeline with the brand’s major milestones.

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