Genuine Parts

Original is better.

Our Genuine certified components ensure best quality and performance.
Built using the same procedures or materials to FPT exact specifications: total compatibility, longer durability and guaranteed operation.


Our FPT engine families have the commitment to offer the maximum efficiency and eco-sustainbility for your applications. To reduce fuel consumption and emissions values and maximize performance and engines life.
Choosing our Genuine FPT Parts will help you maintaining the best conditions as the exact ones from the manufacturing plant.
The latest upgrades with compatible parts in prompt delivery: a production that keeps the right value and looks at long-term savings.
Our Genuine Parts are designed to perfectly fit in your engine.
In our FPT Industrial Authorized Workshops you can find highly qualified technicians ready to assist you with competency to guarantee the best efficiency for your engine. The FPT Network uses quality products and services to offer you top quality technical solutions developed with our partners.

​Discover FPT Genuine Parts benefits

Designed and engineered by FPT
Designed and engineered by FPT
Same performance as new
Top performance
Full respect of FPT technical specifications
Full respect of FPT technical specifications
Maximum uptime thanks to parts reliability
Maximum uptime thanks to parts reliability
12 months warranty coverage
12 months warranty coverage

Ready to fit solutions

3 Types
Maintenance Kit

A unique solution.
Everything you need tailored for your engine.

Overhaul Kit

​An excellent alternative to replace the complete engine, in case of major failure. A complete kit of the main seals and bearings chosen in an optimal way for your specific engine.

Equipped Cylinder Head

​Assembled for service with all necessary parts to fit your engine perfectly.

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